Batch Executive

Searching for New Talent?

At Batch Executive, our business is not built on one off recruitment engagements. We prefer to partner with and consult to our clients by establishing long term relationships. This means that we become an extension of your business, acting as a partner who you can trust to assist in important recruitment decisions.

As an extension of your business, Batch Executive will tailor our recruitment process so that it mirrors yours. This will involve creating core competencies that are in line with your corporate values, objectives and processes. By knowing your business as well as you, this puts us in the best position to find the right talent in the market for you.

Tailored Sourcing Strategy

There is never one way to recruit a given role. We will tailor a sourcing strategy that best fits your needs. This might mean using all or only one of the following sourcing strategies:

  • Database of active job seekers
  • On-line Advertising
  • Networking
  • Executive Search

By utilising a combination of these sourcing techniques rather than one solution, we feel we are adding value and consulting to your business ensuring your exposure to a higher number and calibre of candidate is increased.

Register a Job Brief

The most efficient way to register a job brief with us is to complete the form below. Upon receipt, we will be in contact with you to organise an appointment with you to discuss your requirement further.